Rape in the Military Essay

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Rape in the Military There is a big epidemic within the military where woman are being raped and sexually assaulted. The victims are scared to come forward and speak up; fearing they might be demoted or possibly discharged and still the suspect can remain in the military without any type of punishment. The Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta believes there were 19,000 incidents just in 2010, that is a large number like that and these men and woman are supposed to represent our country, and not commit crimes. When Marine Lt. Elle Helmer reported being assaulted and rape to her superior officer colonel persuaded her from taking a rape kit test. Even after that Helmer brought the situation to her rapist’s supervisor, who still refused to press charges or even punish the rapist. Since Helmer’s attacker was not prosecuted she became the investigation and prosecution. She was forced to leave the Marine Corps. While her rapist remains in good standing with the Marine Corps. The theme of the article is why rapist gets away in the military? The article talks about how one Marine specifically by incidents reported at least 19,000 alone in 2010. That is an alarming number of accusations against men and women who are representing the United States. The topic is talking about women being sexually assaulted and or raped. It explains how Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas how two more woman have come forwarded saying they have been raped and assaulted. The US military is lacking with woman who say they have been raped and/or sexually assaulted. I believe that when you enter the military you are trained to honor and not to tell or break code. The outcome I believe on the research would be more victims coming forwarded and explain how they have been raped and assaulted; if this survey is confidential the numbers would increase tremendously. I believe a lot of victims are

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