Rap And Masculinity Essay

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Karn Singh Race and Ethnicity Research Project Role of rap in shaping black masculinity and black femininity, and its implications Introduction For this research paper, I will explore the differences and similarities in which rap music influences and defines black male and females identities. Specifically, I will examine how the music shapes black masculinity and black femininity and their implications at the individual and societal levels. Ever since its evolution, rap music has been a topic of much scholarly discussion. For example, its role as a cultural outlet for the black community, its influence on crime rates among young African Americans and its influence on shaping the urban black identity have been topics of much academic discussion in various disciplines such as sociology, psychology, law, etc.. From a sociological point of view, rap music’s role on determining and maintaining a black identity has been explored. In this regard, it is found that rap music portrays a very distinct images or idealizations of black masculinity and black femininity. This distinction and influence is an important topic of consideration as it demonstrates the way rap shapes up a major dimension of an individual’s identity and also…show more content…
However, in recent years, rap music has gained popularity, acceptance and prominence among other racial groups as well as nationalities (Thompson et al, 2002). Therefore, a greater number of people are becoming familiar with the glorified black male and female identities, resulting in greater number of stereotypes. Ironically, despite being distanced from the actual image of black people, it may be possible that other racial groups would perceive themselves as being familiarized with black culture. This could very well result in increased use of color-blind rhetoric and would therefore tend to increase the prevalence of color-blind
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