Rant on Buses Essay

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Three letters: B…U…S… I think we can all agree that the 21st century would be a better place without that old, always late, heavy piece of metal slowly ambling along the road, taking up all the space. You stand at the bus stop for almost an hour, thinking some very negative thoughts about the bus driver who’s so late, but all you can do when it finally comes is give the driver a cold glare. Next, you have to find a seat that isn’t covered with food, litter or rude people who sits on one seat and then put’s their precious bags on the other. I have to tell you that I have NEVER in my whole entire life seen a bus without at least one piece of waste rolling around the floor. I do not understand what is so hard about picking up you waste when you go out; I mean there’s a bin at almost every bus stop. Another thing that irritates me is how people think it’s okay to play music loud off their phones. What’s that all about? If you must play music use the DAMN HEADPHONES! I once tried to call my mum just for one minute when I was on the bus for her to come and pick me up due to the bad weather. All I could hear was "Techno techno techno bang bang " Why do they do it? It is one of the most annoying things. That and couples that think buses are specific make-out areas, yuck! Especially if you’re sitting right behind them and you have to try your very best to avoid looking in that direction. And another maddening thing is when your sat next to the window, and you want to get off, but the person next to you gets up and out of your way extremely slowly and your panicking you’re going to miss your stop. Additionally, the bus stinks, especially if someone has food like chips, the smell stay longer than the actual food or when people smoke. I am pretty sure that that’s illegal but they do it anyway. When I asked my sister what her worst experience on the bus was, she told me this

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