Rant About Women Essay

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Kasey Beebe Essay 3 3/14/2012 In his article “A Rant about Women” Clay Shirky talks about how men are better at promoting themselves, how women are more concerned about what people think, and that more men than women lie to get ahead. I agree with Shirky’s ideas because I have life experiences which support them. I agree women find it harder to promote themselves; as Shirky says “Not enough women have what it takes to behave like arrogant self-aggrandizing jerks.” Although my boyfriend Kirk is not a jerk, he is very good at talking himself up, along with all his possessions. For example, when he described his house in Jericho, Vermont, I pictured a two story colonial with a large barn. Instead Kirk and I live in one half of a modest ranch style home. I find it more difficult to “talk up” my own possessions. I drive a silver 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 93,000 miles. When I was in car accident, I cashed the front end, so now there is a dent. For me this is your ordinary reliable 12 year old car. However, when Kirk talks about my car to his buddies, he describes it as a fast, fun to drive racing car. Although it is the same car, nobody would want to buy my car, but everyone asks if it’s for sale when Kirk talks about it. Because women are more concerned with what people think, when it comes to promoting themselves, they shy away and don’t get noticed. Women are only willing to project a image that they can easily live up to even if that means setting the bar a little lower than it has to be. In my own experience my step mom worked as a para-educator at Castleton Elementary School, working with students with different kinds of learning problems, from A.D.D to Down’s syndrome. Then she had opportunity to apply for a teaching position within the school, but she could never see herself teaching in front of a classroom. If she hadn’t worried about what other

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