random student locker searches

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As a teacher my responsibilities in regard to random student locker searches without permission is to do it. As a teacher, by law one is within their rights to search any student lockers if they believe that there is good reason to do so. If a student was to tell me that they saw another student with a knife; I would be responsible for what that student does with that knife if I chose to do nothing. The rights of the student are that they can assume reasonable privacy. This means that what they have in their lockers is private with regard to other students and the faculty, just so long as they have nothing illegal in their locker. If there is suspicion of illegal substances or objects, the school has the right to search the locker for. The school also has the right to search the student’s person if they have proper cause, and it lies within the scope of the search. As a teacher I cannot limit their rights, but I must enforce the rules of the school and the laws of the state. If I do not believe that a search of a student’s person or their locker, vehicle, or backpack is lawful then it is my duty to stand up for the student. As a teacher I have a responsibility to my students. I am responsible for their safety while they are in my classroom. If a student brings drugs into my classroom, and I have knowledge of it, it is my responsibility to report it to the Principal. I have the authority to search a student’s bag if I believe that contraband is contained inside. However, I still much report it. If I was to let the student go on about their day knowing that they can get away with having drugs or a weapon I am putting the entire student body, faculty and staff in jeopardy. I am also putting my career on the line by not reporting it. To infringe on a student’s rights for the sake of the learning environment sometimes cannot be avoided. If a student has brought
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