Random Notes of History Year 7 Essay

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Aztecs | Compare: Aztecs VS Incas | Econmiendas | Nahuatl – language. Sent embassy to greet Cortez, gave gifts of gold. Empire – tribute paid in humans to sacrifice emperor Montezuma. Propheug – a god, Quetzuccatl, would return from the East to take the throne in the return from the east to take the throne in the same year Cortez arrived. Maguey cactus juice – given to sacrificial victims. | | Aztecs | Incas | Econmiendas = to entrust. Spanish needed to encourage immigration to the Americas + control newly conquered land. First established in Hispaniola in May 1493. Spanish colonies [conquistadores, minor nobles, notable natives] given land +Natives [max 300]. Natives had to work- mining gold, farming corn and wheat. Abolished in 1720. | | Political | Monarchy – god, kingGovernment officials | Monarchy – god, king, nobles | | | Method:Expansion | War, eat the fallen army | Negotiate first, then war | | | Treatment of ppl conquered | Pay tributes – pay harvest, human for sacrifice | Pay tribute – harvest and labour | | | Religion | Polytheistic: Sun god, war god, huitzilopchtti | Polytheistic: Sun god, moon god, inti | | | Social Org. | God-king: priests, warriors, government, archisans, farmers, soldiers, slaves | God-king: nobles, everyone else. | | | | | | Hacienda | Incas | | | | Def: Estate. First one given to Cortes in 1529 in Mexico. Given land and all rights to any natural resources and natives. Abolished in 1917. | Pero Andes Mountains. Sun god: Inti [Gold=Inti’s tears]. Gold are used for religious ceremony. Well trained, had medicine, surgery. Empire covered 300 miles. System of runners could pass messages from one end of the empire to the other end in 2 weeks. Networks of roads. Small pox epidemic in Inca empire [before pizzaro armed], killed Inca’s King and Son. Civil war because of 2 other sons: Atahualpa and Huasa,

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