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Join Now | Login Home What's Hot What's New Discover Clubs Contests Mobile Upload English » random journal entry 19 0ct 2009. last night was sunday, so i was at my mums for the weekend. i woke up at 5:50 am, because i thought i herd a light taping on my bedroom door. after i looked at the time on my mobile phone howeve i layed bask down to sleep some more before i had to get up for work. i soon thought i herd the knocking again, so i sat up and looked at the door, but nothing else came so i went back to sleep. i woke up at 8:05 and had a shower, dad arrived while i was packing, and we soon left for work. i realize now that my sisters bf ryan, who was sleeping over was the only person who wud have been upa t that time, so im going to ask him if it was him knocking on my door. Anyway dad and i got to the job site, which was in churmside, the kitchen was still being tiled when we got there, and it was going to take a fair while so dad and i went out to get some breakfast, we had macdonalds, anyway we got back to the house, and the man (who was the brother of the owner of the house) took his son out in the car, leaving my dad and i alone in the house with his other son, who i think was about 17, and his two daughtersm one who (named jess i believe cuz i saw her msn thing) was about in grade 9, and the younger one, probably around 10-12. jess was quite short, dark black hair that went midway down her back, and small breasts, she was skinny, not so much that it made her look bad. jess and i kept making eye contact and talking awkwardly all day, i also saw her whisering to her little sister and i believe it was about me. if she were a few years older i wud have pursued this, but as it was all i cud really do was smile at her and talk to her. i tried hard to keep myslf in the room with

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