Ramesses Ii Essay

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Ramesses II Ramesses II was born around 1303 BC and at age fourteen, Ramses was appointed Prince by his father Seti I. Set I was one third ruler of the nineteenth dynasty of Egypt. Seti I had built many structures and was completed by Ramses II. He took the throne around age 18 or 19, and ruled Egypt from 1279 BC to 1213 BC for 66 years. He had many wives and children as well. He was considered one the greatest rulers of Egypt. He also conducted many military campaigns during his reign. When he died he was buried in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings his body was discovered in 1881, and is now on display in the Cairo Museum. Ramesses II had many war campaigns. “Soldiers who served Ramessess made up one of the worlds earliest large scale armies.”(Nardo, 59) Their most renown rival were the Hittites, “Many cities such as Kadesh had moved their allegiance to the hittitie king”(Nardo,57) Ramesses II moved to attack territory in the Levant which was enemy territory of the Hittite Empire. “He was eager to dislodge the Hittities and their influence from Syria.” (Nardo, 64) Ramesses's forces were ambushed and outnumbered at Kadesh by the Hittites. He fought the battle to a tie and returned home a hero. The Battle of Kadesh was a personal achievement for Ramesses. In the seventh year of his reign, Ramesses II returned to Syria again. This time he was more successful against his Hittite foes. During this war he split his army into two forces. One was led by his son, Amun-her-khepeshef, and it chased warriors of the Šhasu across the Negev to the Dead Sea, and captured Edom-Seir. Then they marched on to capture Moab. The other force, led by Ramesses attacked Jerusalem and Jericho. He, too, then entered Moab, where he joined up with his son. The reunited army then marched on Hesbon, Damascus, then to Kumidi, and finally captured Upi, reestablishing Egypt's old
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