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Rembrandt Van Rijn [pic] Biography: • Rembrandt was born in 1606 in Holland. He lived to be 63 years old and painted right up to the end of his life. He died in 1669. • His full name was Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn. • [pic] Interesting Facts: • He was a Renaissance artist and the best subjects he liked to draw were either self-portraits or portraits of people he knows or is related to. • Rembrandt was known as the most accomplished etcher ever. • He liked dogs and included them in many of his paintings. • He painted over 500 pictures and used light and dark colors. • He got paid for his paintings but never seemed to have enough because he was a big spender. • He made the people he painted seem alive, even more that a photograph could. • Rembrandt painted at least three portraits of his mother. • Rembrandt did several paintings of his son Titus. In one of these, he wears a monk's habit and is depicted as this beloved monastic saint. • Rembrandt did more self portraits than probably any other artist in the history of painting. One of his last is sometimes called the "Laughing Self Portrait"; some believe that he is depicting himself as this famous ancient Greek philosopher, known as the "Laughing Philosopher". [pic] Some of Rembrandt's Works - Jacob de Gheyn III (1632) Andromeda Chained to the Rocks (1631) Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp (1631) Artemisia (1634) Madrid Descent from the Cross (1634) Belshazzar's Feast (1635) The Prodigal Son in the Tavern (c. 1635) Danaë (1636) The Night Watch, formally The Militia Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq (1642) Christ Healing the Sick (Etching c. 1643, also known as The Hundred Guilders Print) Susanna and the Elders (1647 Aristotle contemplating a bust of Homer (1653) Bathsheba at Her Bath (1654) Selfportrait (1658) The Three Crosses

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