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Ramayana Script Long ago, there were two kingdoms; the Videhas kingdom, and the Kosalas kingdom. Dasa-ratha, the king of Kosalas, had four sons; Lakshman, Bharat, Satrughna, and Rama. Janak, the king of Videhas, had a daughter named Sita. Janak announces the archery contest for the suitors of Sita from both kingdoms. And whoever wins the said contest will win the hand of Sita and marry her. Janak: As the king of Videhas, I shall now announce for all the kingdoms, that an archery contest be held for the hand of my beloved daughter, Sita. If the man hits the bullseye, he will be declared the winner. The kingdom of Kosalas had heard the announcement of the king, thus, Dasa-ratha talked to Rama about this. Dasa-ratha: I have accepted the king’s invitation for an archery contest. The prize will be a beautiful princess, his daughter, Sita. You want to compete, son? Rama: I accept the challenge, father. I can prove I am worthy of her presence and throne. Dasa-ratha: The decision is made, I will inform the king. Rama: Thank you, father. Dasa-ratha had informed the king of Videhas about his son and the archery contest started. Unfortunately, no men were successful in hitting the bullseye, but then Rama appeared and came to compete. Janak: Ah, I see we have one last competitor. May I know your name? Rama: My name is Rama, your highness, the son of the king of Kosalas. I will be competing for your beautiful daughter’s hand in marriage. Sita was impressed by his use of words and the bravery of the man named Rama on the archery ground. Slowly, she had fallen in love with his aura of pure bravery and knew it was this one. After a hit, Rama had scored a bullseye, and it was a perfect shot. He has successed in the contest and was declared winner. Janak: Rama, son of the king of Kosalas, has won the contest. I know declare him as my son-in-law to be my daughter’s

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