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The Ramayana The story of Ramayana is related to the continuous struggle of man against his lower nature and the demonic temptations that disturb his relationship with the forces of the Sacred. Rama conquers the temptations one by one and completes his triumph by defeating Ravana, the demon of the flesh. In this way, he recovers Sita, his soul, gaining the right to rule over the ancestral kingdom of Ayodhya. This paper will discuss values, common denominators and moral fixture of heroes in the light of Ramayana. In the beginning of the story of Ramayana, one can easily find how the adherence to the truth and the need to honor one's word plays a big role in a hero’s life. When Rama was a young boy, the love and affection his father Dasarata had on him was immense. He would never like to be separated from his son. But when he had promised to offer whatever help that the visiting Sage Viswamitra asked for and when the sage requested for Rama's help to fight the demons at the forest, Dasarata was terribly shocked. But still, he agreed to part with Rama, to honor his promise. Later in time, when his third wife Kaikeyi wanted the throne of Ayodhya for her own son Bharata and wanted Rama to be sent in exile to the forest, it was nothing short of a deathly blow to Dasarata. But still, he could never use his kingly authority to veto her request, because of the promise he had made long ago to Kaikeyi, to grant her two boons whenever she chose to ask. A hero respects his father's word of Honor. Just on the previous night to Rama's crowning ceremony, Kaikeyi made use of her boons not only to deny Rama his rightful ascent to the kingdom, but also to send him in exile to the forest. Rama, as an heir to the throne, had every right to question such an injustice given to him. But true to his greatness, Rama, with utter detachment and without even a trace of disappointment

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