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Ramapo College Essay: One of Ramapo’s goals is to increase your capacity for learning and to teach you to think “outside the box”. Describe one experience that has had a significant impact on your intellectual development. As a student who attempts to think “outside of the box” on a regular basis I believe there are many ways Ramapo College can increase my capacity for learning. Throughout my high school experience I have explored many different ways to be more creative. One effective method for me is playing music while writing essays for English. I have found that this type of music is a fantastic way to become inspired and it aids in intellectual development. As a musician I have always gone to music when I am lacking inspiration and it has never failed me. Whenever I have an essay to write for English, the first thing I do is start up my music. Writing is not a challenging task for me but it does demand a certain imaginative spark that I find in music. When I had to write an essay about an extremely serious car accident I was in, I chose a strictly instrumental arrangement of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. I found that it helped me get through the emotion of explaining something so traumatic. With this piece playing in my ears I was able to write my essay in half the time I would have expected. I was able to hold back most of the negative emotions brought on by having to describe the trauma of the accident, and it enabled me to create an essay unlike anything I have ever written. Music made my writing experience unlike any other and has aided me in creating and using a broader vocabulary and extensive use of detail. This shows how music has a heavy impact on my ability to think “outside of the box” and become more inspired. Being a music student I have found a lot of inspiration in music and it has made me a better writer. A specific instance where I
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