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Born on May 3, 1803, in Boston, Waldo, as he preferred to be called, received a classical education at Boston Latin School and at Harvard College. Following in his father's footsteps, Emerson was ordained a Unitarian minister in 1829, but he experienced a religious crisis after the death from tuberculosis of his first wife, Ellen Tucker, to whom he had been married only eighteen months. Resigning from the Second Church and journeying to England in 1832, he became friends with Carlyle, Coleridge, and Wordsworth, and began to form his Transcendental faith. Returning to America in 1834, Emerson began a new career giving lectures. Many events occurred around this time that were crucial to Emerson's life. The untimely deaths of his brothers Edward in (1834) and Charles in (1836), his remarriage to Lydia (whom he renamed Lidian), and their settling comfortably in a new home in Concord, MA (1835). This was where the birth of their son Waldo in 1836, Ellen in 1838, Edith in 1841, and Edward in 1844, occurred. The publication of Emerson's first major essay, NATURE (1836), also occurred around this time. Gathering around him a circle of poets, reformers, artists, and thinkers who helped define a new national identity for American art which included, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Margaret Fuller, the Peabody sisters, the Alcott family, Jonas Very, the Ripleys and the Channings. Emerson's writings were combined with a passion and a purity. With Margaret Fuller he founded THE DIAL, which published Transcendentalist literature from 1840-1844, and in the years between 1837-1844 he published his most famous writings, THE AMERICAN SCHOLAR, THE DIVINITY SCHOOL ADDRESS, and two volumes of ESSAYS (1841 & 1845) In 1842 Emerson's son,Waldo, died. Followed by the birth of their son Edward in 1844, and shortly afterwards in 1847 Emerson again went

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