Ralph Lauren Attracts the Emotion of Romance in Advertisements

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This Ralph Lauren perfume ad draws upon the emotion of love. Ralph Lauren uses the emotion love to draw costumers in to buy their product. Ralph Lauren even named the fragrance advertised “Romance.” Ralph Lauren based this entire line of advertisements for the fragrance on the theme of romance. While being “Romanic” per say doesn’t mean you’re in love with someone, the ad does pull on the emotion of love. Fragrance is difficult to sell through an ad, because a smell is difficult to describe in a picture. You have to sell the picture that sells the fragrance, long before people smell the actual product. The author for this ad has sold you the idea of love, the idea of “Romance” that surround the product, While distracting you from the fact that you don’t even know what the actual product smells like. Looking at the ad you can see the couple riding their horses through the field being affectionate. The couple appears to be in love. When an audience looks at an ad with people who appear to be in love, it pulls upon humanity’s deep rooted desire to be loved, even if it means buying something as simplistic as a fragrance. Ralph Lauren fragrance “Romance” has two branches, one for men and one for women. The ad though is obviously intended for women instead of men. Most men probably wouldn’t look at a ad with a couple frolicking through a field, and that image motivate them to go out and buy the fragrance. Women on the other hand are more likely to be wired in their brain to react to the romantic type of love. Maybe it is how society has made us, to generalized that women are more romantic then men. Or perhaps that is just the way people are made, but the ad elicits the emotion of love for women and even younger girls because of the picture the ad uses. Because the ad is giving the impression that if you smell like “Romance” and frolic your horse through a field you

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