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Art 101-01 Ralph Goings February 17, 2011 Ralph Goings, born May 9th, 1928 in Corning, California, is acknowledged to be one of the most adroit and artful artist in the photo-realist movement. Goings is known for his exceptionally realistic paintings of diners, pick-up trucks, and California banks. Photorealism is a category of painting in which tools such as a camera or photo are used to capture an image of everyday life. The artist then converts the image onto a canvas or sometimes the traditional grid technique is used. Ralph Goings’ work has been in multiple solo and group exhibitions held both in the United States and abroad, dating from 1960-2005. In 1953 Ralph Goings received his B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from California College…show more content…
When he felt he had the right image he would then project the slide onto a canvas and pencil in both lines and details. The reason why Goings was so amazingly talented is because he could paint the photograph with such profound detail that the audience would be able to see detail that they would typically not be able to see in reality. "My paintings are about light, about the way things look in their environment and especially about how things look painted. Form, color and space are at the whim of reality, their discovery and organization is the assignment of the realist painter." The painting called Ralphs Diner (1982) is a great example of the vivid detail he used with light color and texture. He is able to bring out details such as the glimmering chrome reflecting from the countertops edge and the dull yet shiny detail of the old fashioned leather seats of the barstools He also brings out patterns of light with the light reflecting from the window onto the floor and the shiny ceiling and countertop. This particular painting makes me feel as if I am miles away from where I am and that I can both capture the mood and sense what the people are feeling and leads me wondering why they might be there. This painting shows me how proficient and artistic Ralph Goings is. In 1974 Ralph Goings moved from California to upstate New York. Because the environments were so drastically different, he went from painting the California streets to focusing his attention on shops, coffee houses, and diners. It was there he showed us great examples of geometric shapes of booths and tiles, light and value of the aluminum walls and glass, and lastly the texture of the ceramic ware giving all a realistic

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