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BORA BORA Local Info | Where to stay | Where to eat | Leisure | Touring Ideas The island which was once nicknamed "the Pearl of the Pacific" really deserves its reputation of 'the most beautiful island in the world". Located 260 kilometers from Tahiti, Bora Bora has a population of 5,767, living essentially off tourism in a paradise-like setting. Bora Bora is an ancient volano and the highest peak, Mount Otemanu, culminates at 727 meters. The island was formerly known as Vavau, Bola Bola and then as Pora Pora. During World War II, the settings up of an American base contributed to modernizing the island’s infrastructures and make it known in the United States. The tour of Bora Bora, namely 32 kilometers, can be done on bicycle, which is still the best way to appreciate the amazing blue hues of the lagoon. Stars, millionaires and celebrities have been regular visitors, for decades, of this piece of basalt rock the beauty of which, provided one has the opportunity of flying over it, is always breathtaking even to the most blase of visitors. The island has only one pass. Divers, even using just a mask and a snorkel, will have the opportunity to watch three types of rays, of which the largest are manta rays. Highly spectacular sessions of hand feeding of sharks are also organized in the lagoon, and are not dangerous in spite of the frenzy displayed by the sharks. Regarding hikers, guides are available, whether on foot or in a 4x4, to explore Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. There are still remnants of the American Ma7ines'presence, in the form of rusted guns. Other older remnants, left in a tropical vegetation free from dangerous animals, make it possible to be more familiar with the less known aspect of Bora Bora, the island laid in a turquoise

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