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Comparison Of Nick And Gatsby The Great Gatsby, a wonderful novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald is about a man with unknown background his name is Gatsby, and Gatsby’s dream is that through wealth he can get Daisy. To get to this Dream Gatsby knew that he must have money and power, because Daisy was from a wealthy family and Gatsby was poor. After Gatsby became reach he moved close to her. Then he knew Nick and he tried to meet Daisy by Nick’s help. Gatsby served in World War1 and that’s made the relationship strong between Nick and Gatsby; Nick had served in World War1. Overall, Nick and Mr. Gatsby have some differences and similarities. There are some differences between Nick and Gatsby. They are from different backgrounds, Gatsby was poor and went to fight in the war, but Nick was middle class. Also, There are a few similarities between Mr. Gatsby and Nick. In fact, both of them come from Midwest. Moreover, both of them think that Tom is selfish and thinks only of himself and his money. Gatsby and Nick are both hardworking people in search of the American. Also, Gatsby and nick served in World War1 and that made the relationship strong. In conclusion both of them have some similarities and some differences. Gatsby and Nick live in the same neighborhood of West Egg. On the other hand they are different by wealth because Gatsby is rich, but Nick is middle class, and they also have different social

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