Raising The Drinking Age Essay

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Abstract Alcoholic beverage is a drink that many Americans consume on a daily basis in the U.S. There are 3 main types of alcohol beverages, which are spirits, beer and wine, and of them, spirits is the one that has the highest percentage of alcohol in it, followed by wine than beer. Alcohol is consumed in my countries including the U.S., and all have laws regulating their production, sale, and consumption. In England for an example, a person at the age of 16 are allowed to be served alcohol, but can only but alcohol at the age of 21, but in the U.S., people are not allow to buy or consume alcohol in to the age of 21. Reason for this age limit in the US, was the federal government was stepping in to enforce a minimum age limit to promote public and traffic safety, and protect our youth from drunk driving. In this essay, I am explain in detail about the age limit of drinking and if it violates our equal protection, or due process laws. Analyze the effect of these Policies Before the federal government enforced a mandate that required all states to raise their drinking age limit to 21, history shows us that underage drinking problem was worse. For an example, before the…show more content…
Young people are particularly vulnerable to the effects of heavy drinking. The harms include an increased risk of traffic accidents, injuries from violence, and some studies suggest suicide (Allsop, 2010). I would seek all this information, and once finish, and once all required information have been studied and research, I would address the debate over why to raise the age limit to 21 by artlessly pointing to the evidence at hand, and at the same time, encourage and informed society about effective approaches to address the concern about alcohol related harm against young people in the

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