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A Raisin in the Sun Essay

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  • on March 25, 2008
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The esteemed play, A Raisin in the Sun’s success can be referred to as a “…phenomenal success…that has to bee seen against the background of the temper of racial situation in American art forms” (Cruse 216). Written by Lorraine Hansberry, the literature is filled with a numerous amount of themes and motifs. The success of A Raisin in The Sun can be Hansberry’s work incorporates “American social and racial realities… [which was] a very good theme and exceedingly timely” (Cruse 216). Hansberry insulates the play with different literary devices, in a very creative manner, to construct a play that has become a renowned piece of literature. Hansberry’s distinct characterization, use of ironic circumstances, diverse perceptions and use of other literary devices makes the theme of A Raisin in the Sun evident.

      The characters of A Raisin in the Sun are classified with unique personalities. No two characters act or react to situation, even remotely, in a similar way. Throughout the play the Younger family encounters many problems as a whole and each member of the family goes about the situation in totally diverse ways. Walter Younger is a man who seems to lose his composure quickly and burst out with emotion. When a problem is thrown into his path, he suddenly loses his cool and acts according to his thoughts and feelings. His actions are the result of engaging into a situation without putting a thought into what he is about to do. In A Raisin in the Sun, Mama attends to some business downtown, and is out of the house all day. As Walter arrives home and he is suspicious of what Mama has been doing all day. When she answers Walter, he rages at her saying “What kinda business…”, as if Mama does not have any kind of “…business…to tend to” (Hansberry 90). Mama, on the other hand, carries her self in a well calm and collected manner. She thinks circumstances through thoroughly and then reacts. Mama’s whole outlook on life is optimistic and her actions make the reader...

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