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Raisin in the Sun Play Essay

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  • on June 2, 2013
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Raisin in the Sun
Act VI
Willy Harris- Nick                 Mama- Nick
Bobo- Steven                       Walter- Jonathan
Ruth- Haley                             Travis- Sean
Ghost of Walter Sr. – Sean
Narrator- Matt                         Random Characters- Matt

Act VI
Scene l
Setting: In the house of the Youngers.
W: All that money and he just took it.
B: That was all of the money I had and now I have nothing.
W: This job sucks. I’m not getting paid enough.
B: Funny enough I just got a raise since the incident. Want me to treat you to something at the corner store?
W: I don’t see why not!
B: Alright! I’ll even call a cab for us!
M: Where are you boys going?
W: Going to the corner store to get some snacks and something to drink.
M: Walter could you please pick me up some milk and eggs for me while you’re down there.
W: I suppose, I’ll need some money though because I’m not paying for it!
M: Here you go dear. (Hands Walter money)
Narrator: “The cab pulls up to the Younger’s home and Walter and Bobo get in.”

Scene ll
Narrator: “Walter and Bobo get out of the cab and walk over to the corner store.”
W: Man, my Mom can be a pain sometimes.
B: Yeah I can tell. (Chuckles)
Narrator: “They walk around the store grabbing snacks and drinks. Walter picks up the milk and eggs for Mama and enters the line to pay for everything. They begin to have a conversation until Bobo loses attention and notices something.”
B: Wait a minute… isn’t that… (Gasps) THAT’S WILLY HARRIS!
W: That is Willy!
Narrator: “Walter and Bobo drop their things and aggressively walk towards the front of the line where Willy was.”
W: Well well well, if it isn’t Willy Harris.
Wi: (Nervously) Well, um… hello there boys. Uh how are we?
B: Oh we are just fine, besides the fact you stole my life’s savings!
Wi: Well now… let me explain.
W: You know Willy, I invested my money, time, and thoughts into this liquor store. You have no idea the stress you have caused to...

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