Rainwalkers Analysis

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In poem, "Rainwalkers", Denise Levertov creates a great tone towards the human brain. Denise Levertov uses Dark Imagery and negative diction to create a dreary and mysterious tone First, Denise uses lots of Dark Imagery to give the mysterious tone. "An old man whose black face shines golden-brown as wet pebbles under the streetlamp, is walking two mongrel dogs of dis-proportionate size" This part of the poem is a great intro, because is depicts how the characters look like in this stanza, walking in the rain. The this sets up the stage so that we understand that the author is trying to send a message about how these characters can relate to real life things like countries. "The small sleek one" and "the young tall curly one" is used to depict the already growing differences in the dogs. This will show that the dogs have opposing views just like America and Britain. The old man now has to deal with his dogs opposing views. Second, Denise uses negative Diction to give the dreary tone. Liturgical is a word used in the third stanza. Liturgical means "Having to do with a fixed set of ceremonies, words, etc., that are used during public worship in a religion." This helps show where this man is, walking down the long street with his dogs, in the rain. "The three of them are enveloped - turning now to go crosstown - in their sense of each other, of pleasure, of weather, of corners, of leisurely tensions between them and private silence." This line uses lots of diction to show the coming together of this "family" now. This line starts to show the silver lining in this dreary and mysterious situation. The tone on this poem is well set by the use of Diction and Imagery. The poet really shows deep meaning and understanding for a reality connection. This is the true meaning of any

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