The Rainforrest Essay

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The Rainforest The teachers at the Lucy School located in Middletown, MD uses an art based curriculum approach with their 4-5 year old preschoolers. The art-based curriculum provides a newly inventive approach towards learning for their students and English language-learning students. The open-ended nature of the art creates imprints on the learners’ memory which in-turn creates varied sensory experiences to support a word or concept in the new language. Moreover, that is why I believe, for many English language learners, the presence of art such as music, visual art, and story telling stimulates the language of children’s language and other areas of development. Many of the teaching staff at the Lucy School created a rainforest to use as their art-based curriculum approach. This approach was based on Lynne Cherry’s book, The Great Kapok Tree. In addition, this project illustrated how art can promote children’s development, in general and language learning particularly. The teacher began to stimulate and develop the children’s language by creating an image of the story while reading to the students. This concept facilitated the students’ acquisition of English and reinforced new vocabulary. Next, the teachers strategically incorporated visual arts, into the lesson. Creating the physical environment of the rainforest was a Vidal part of the concept. Pictures of the rainforests animals were shown to the children, and each animal was introduced in English and Spanish. Lastly, music followed the concept of the visual art. While children sat at circle-time, a CD of the rainforest sounds played. The opportunity for vocabulary and the concept of learning was plentiful at this point. Children enjoyed the art-rich learning experience the teachers’ curriculum provided. Moreover, many of the children who’s primary language is English learned Spanish and Spanish

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