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Conservation Education SUMMER TERM 2011" " " ISSUE TWENTY FOUR Imagine that you’re in a thick, dark forest. It’s very hot and sticky and the sweat soaks your t-shirt. You can hear the sound of wild animals all around you. From the trees above, birds and monkeys are calling. You hear the constant buzzing drone of insects. What was that?! A rustling and a grunt in the undergrowth near you makes you jump. Then thunder explodes almost overhead and the sound of heavy rain on the leaves above you drowns out all the other noises. You are in a rainforest - one of the most fascinating and diverse habitats on the planet! E-mail: ! info@ypte.org.uk Web site: www.ypte.org.uk Director: Peter Littlewood Author:! Peter Littlewood Design: Vanessa Adnitt ISSN 1756 - 9087 Contents Weather 2 What Lives There? 4 Peo ple Of The Forests 5 6 Logg ing /Mining Roa ds To D isaster s Clearing For Cow 7 8 9 Burning Issues En dangered Species 10 Where in the world are they? Bushmeat Hydroelectric Power 11 12 14 " Rainforests Published by the Young Peopleʼs Trust for the Environment 3 " n Solutio What Yo u Can Do s Rainforests are found across the world between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn (23.5 degrees north and south of the Equator). They occur in Asia, Africa, South America, Northern Australia and on many tropical islands. Put together, they cover about 6% of the planet’s land surface about fifteen million square kilometres! But we’ve been destroying them fast. They used to cover about 15% of the earth’s land surface! The largest of all rainforests, the Amazon in South America, spans eight different countries and still covers an area of almost 5.2 1 million square kilometres. What’s the weather like? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly given their

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