Rainbow Warrior. New Zealand History. Essay

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A significant event in New Zealand’s history that my family, or better my father, was involved with is the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior by French Spies on July 10th 1985. A build up of protests concerned with the banning of Nuclear Testing in the Pacific Ocean by powers such as France, Britain and the United States of America (USA) led to Frances act of international terrorism. My father was involved with this event in history because on July 10th 1985 Ken Davies was on call at Central Auckland Fire Brigade, and his team attended the call to put the fire out on the Rainbow Warrior after the bombing. The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior is a significant event in history, as the events that happened prior to and after the event helped to secure New Zealand’s standing as an Independent Pacific Nation, it eventually led to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, whomever signed agreed to not test nuclear weapons, and it also brought New Zealanders together under one belief to stop nuclear testing in the Pacific ocean. Ultimately it was due to the New Zealand public and their insistence on the nuclear free policies that the Pacific Nations are nuclear free and nuclear testing has been stopped by the large powers. The buildup of events that led to Frances act of terrorism was many, and didn’t begin with France testing in the Pacific. Nuclear testing had begun in the Pacific in the 1950s by Britain USA, with France starting in 1966. America and Britain stopped its testing in 1962 with France carrying on. By the time France eventually stopped testing over 250 nuclear bombs had been detonated in the Pacific region. The concern in this testing was the damage it causes the natural environment when set off, altering it in ways that cannot be reversed and also the fact that these powers chose to test in a region not close to their own lands, meaning the effects of Nuclear

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