How the rainbow came about Essay

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There once was a woman name Tetra, the goddess of spectrum, fell madly in love with a human man, named Seth. Together they made a family, and had a son named Bowa who inherited his mother’s beautiful colors in his long hair. The color of his hair changed with his mood. When Bowa turned five years old tragedy struck, and his father died of natural causes. Humans don’t leave forever. Tears of misery and sorry then ran down Tetra’s bright red cheeks. As her hair turned grey, dark clouds hovered across the earth’s bountiful land. Her tears poured all over the earth, causing the earth, and all its people drown in her sorrow. Bowa, then had to find some kind of way to step his mom from crying. But the state that he is in right now, he couldn’t do a single thing because he was not a god. He then built an ark, and saved as many people as he could. Late at night he then thought of his father, and how e misses him. He fell asleep and dreamt a dream that only gods could dream. In his majestic dream, his mother Tetra, gave him a message. She told him a way, of how he can become a god, and how his mother misses seeing him and wanting Seth back. He woke up, frightened, as sweat drenched his body. He then built up all his fears and audaciously jumped off the boat, into the pits of hell. Before he knows it, he was swimming with dead spirits of humans on Earth. In desperate search for his father, he looked around and swam deeper and deeper into the darkness. As he swam deeper, his skin began to wrinkle and peel. Then something has struck his attention. There was his father’s soul, floating helplessly in the pit. That’s when it got intense, so he swam even harder. Closer and closer he got. Anxiety and pain ran through his veins. He finally caught his father’s soul, and Bowa’s strength started to progress. A brilliant burst of colors cut through the pit’s darkness, leading him to

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