Rain- By Edward Thomas

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‘Rain’ written by Edward Thomas is a deeply moving poem, with its strong undertones of death and creating a sense of sympathy. This particular sonnet was written in times of war, where Edward himself was battling. He was surrounded in an atmosphere of solitude and dieing soldiers, thus he reflects on this idea of the ‘end of life’ as he too feels he is to be victim of this tragic ending soon. Even though ‘Rain’ could relate to perhaps any soldiers situation, we assume that the persona in the poem is Thomas himself, giving the poem a personal viewpoint, allowing readers to relate to the poem and its protagonist better. Thomas uses a variety of language devices to invoke an emotional reaction from his readers and further pursue in epitomizing his interpretation of death. The first language feature we can instantly recognize to highlight the idea of death is by the frequent mention of it. Edward uses a semantic field of words corresponding to death. “Die, dead, death”. The idea of constantly referring to this gives the poem a sombre, ‘all-hope-is-gone’ mood and feeling. It also establishes the theme, and clearly indicates what the intentions and feelings of the writer are, and this enables us to sympathize with him and his situation. It could be considered that the entire piece is an extended metaphor for death. The repetition in the first sentence “Rain, Midnight rain, Nothing but the wild rain” has de-connotations of a cold, dark surrounding, this weather symbolizing times of despair and agony as opposed to the happy tone of a sunny warm surrounding. The word rain is repeated thrice, again emphasizing this situation to create an immediate impact of how wild this might be, as nothing but it can be seen, thus we are pushed to the imagery of the persona being surrounded by this ‘rain’. Rain itself could be seen as a metaphor for war, or ‘Rain’ being a reference to
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