Rags To Riches Essay

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Madie Stevens Mrs.Damle American History Honors 28 November 2011 Rags to Riches The arts are something that has been progressing through generations for hundreds of years. Music, painting, acting, dance, and literature are all forms of expression that have helped art to grow into its full potential and be an active participant in the world and especially America. For one man, by the name of Charles S. Chaplin, music and acting changed his life, he went from very little and by stepping onto a stage he was able to turn all of that around. Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest comedians, actors, and singers of his time he has three large parts of his life, his family and early years, his career, and how America was influenced by his work. Charlie was born on April 16th, 1889 in London, England. His parents were Charles and Hannah Chaplin who were both in the theatre business, he also had an older brother named Sydney Chaplin. By the time Charlie was three his father had left his mother, Sydney, and himself to fend for themselves. His mother had a part in a play so she could provide for them but only essentials. When he was five his mother was singing in a show and her vocal chords were ruined so she would never sing again, shortly after that she became mentally unstable and was sent to an insane asylum. During this time Charlie and Sydney had to live with his father and mistress so they boys went to a school for about five years but Charles Chaplin Sr. died in 1901 due to cirrhosis because of his drinking problem. The boys went back to live with their mother who had been released but had no way to support them, they went to a district school for two years until they decided to start an acting career. Both of the brothers were currently in a play that was supporting their family but they wanted to experience more. In 1908 a man named Frank Karno discovered

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