Rage Behind Woman Stare

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English 101/096.03 Date: 02/10/2012 Assignment: First Draft of “The rage behind a woman’s stare” Stories being compared: “I want a wife” Woman’s rights are still considered a controversial issue in an equal partnership and how their duties in the household are unappreciated in today’s world. In Judy Brady’s essay, “I Want a Wife” lists the responsibilities of the stereotypical wife in the 1970’s. The overall purpose of this story was to show the readers how wives were not classified as a person, but a tool that responds to their husband’s needs. Through Brady’s role reversal as “the mind of the husband”, she lists countless expectations that a husband wants in a perfect wife/mother and later proves in the story that wives are mistreated and aren’t considered an object that women can take advantage of, but human beings that demand respect. Comparing to “I Want a Wife”, the story “The rage behind a woman’s stare” talks about women who are unappreciated for the duties and responsibilities they accomplish around the household. The author tells us in the story that “The Death Look” represents the simmering rage towards a woman’s family and her husband. Donna Britt explains in the article that woman do so much with little help while maintaining an unbalanced life between her career and her life at home. One quote from this story that compares both “I Want A Wife” and “The Rage Behind a Woman’s Stare” is Michelle Obama’s speech in a 2007 campaign event showing how woman manage an endless swirl of duties: “Scheduling babysitters, planning play dates,…supervising homework, handling discipline…keeping the household together…[You men] try to do your part, but the reality is that we’re doing it, right?” Some men do not realize, acknowledge, and appreciate the women’s role in the relationship of a family. Not only was it hard to maintain, but some women felt as if

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