Raft Task 3

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An outstanding patient care issue that was made evident by the tracer patient is the delinquent history and physical exam. According to Joint Commission standards(Joint Commission, 2003), the initial victory and physical exam should be done within 24 hours of admission. The history and physical exam performed on the tracer patient was done after 72hours Of The admission. order to the compliant with the Joint Commission standards patient history and physical forms must be performed within 24 hours of admission.
The admission assessment is the most fundamental part of communication between staff and other care providers a. The admission assessment is the base line that begins all other assessments. the first step in quality patient care. This assessment serves as an introduction from the patient to his or her care team. The nurse is to assess the patient completely to establish base line ranges for the Individual. This allows nurses and medical team members are way to compare how well the patient is improving are declining. The history and physical also relays information that describes problem areas so that nurses can devise a quality care plan that will guide the nursing staff and make for faster recovery.
The history and physical assessment was not performed, upon arrival. This does not meet Joint Commission standard.
Corrective action plan
Once the problem was identified, a new goal was set. The new goal included devising a new assessment form. This corrective action includes easy flow of information that is readily available and user friendly. It should be typed in a professional manner and it should include an overall summary section so that all departments will have easy access to pertinent information. The new format would include prompts, the accreditation requirement covered by that particular area of the form, and a summary section.

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