Radio Waves In The Radio Business Essay

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Radio Waves in the Radio Business For my mentorship I worked with Debbie Johnson, the Director of Traffic Operations, during the summer and fall of 2007 at Max Media Radio in Virginia Beach, a locally owned and operated radio station. There I learned the basics of how radio waves are used, the attainment of demographics of radio listeners, and how to use the software that is used to program on-air shows. In today’s world we take for granted the many modicums of information we possess. Not even a century ago print was still the main form of communication. Print media, including magazines and newspapers, while being very widespread and informative were done at a local level and had a limited ability to relay information quickly until radio changed everything. With the introduction of radio there was suddenly a fast, easy way to attain information on not only a local but a national level as well. Not only was it an efficient way to transfer information but also could be used for entertainment. Radio came on the national scene in the 1920s. This changed the way that information was gathered and spread. It caused changes in the political, entertainment, and news spectrums. (Wilson, Dilulio, 2006) Radio waves are essential to the radio business. Although, commonly known as radio waves they are actually electromagnetic waves that are found in the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic waves are also what carry the signal for television and cell phones and more recently for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies. The discovery of radio waves and its uses have a long history. Most would begin the radio wave’s history in the late1860s with Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell and his equations describing the fundamental relationship between electricity, magnetism, and wave propagation because

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