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Tony Campos Eng 111 Professor Ciarniello Compare and Contrast Essay Title: Radio V. Waterboy Radio and Waterboy are both classic football movies. Both are centered on a main character each of which the films are named after. Waterboy and Radio are both handicapped Individuals. Waterboy is about a thirty-five year old white man named Bobby Boucher who is a waterboy for a local football team in Louisiana (University of Louisiana Cougars). The movie itself is a comedy. Bobby is a socially inept stuttering waterboy with hidden anger issues due to constant teasing and bully from the football team and also excessive sheltering from his mother (Helen Boucher). He is fired from the University of Louisiana’s football team for being too much of a “distraction” in his former coach’s words (Red Beaulieu). Bobby joins the South Central Louisiana State University as their new waterboy where he ends up coming out of his shell by shining as the team’s star Linebacker. Radio is about a twenty-three year old mentally disabled young black man named James Robert Kennedy who pushes a shopping cart along the streets. The movie itself is more of a drama and is based on a true story. He gets the name Radio because he is always seen with one wherever he goes. He is attracted by a high school football team, but after the team's coach (Coach Jones) - taking pity on Radio, both for his disability and his enthusiasm - asks him to help, the team members abuse Radio by locking him into a shed. The team's coach reprimands them, and delivers Radio to his house, where Radio's mother is introduced. It is also revealed that Radio's father passed away a few years before.Coach Jones and radio grow closer throughout the movie overcoming obstacles such as opposition from the community, school board and life changes like the death of Radio’s mother. Radio eventually wins the hearts of

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