Radio Broadcast Essay

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1. Many people listen to talkback radio and presenters sometimes enjoy cult status. Are they entertainers or journalists and are the commercial radio codes of Practice adequate? Use recent examples of code breaches in your essay. Radios have more audience now since the option to listen to online radios has been introduced, with a growing number of people considering the internet as an essential medium. Talkback radios therefore still have listeners though they now attract a more educated segment of the population and this makes the debates hosted on these channels more interesting. It is therefore not difficult to understand how some presenters now have a cult status with the role they play in such debates. The abuse of this position of power by the journalists or the entertainer they sometimes turn into can cause harm if they have a negative influence. The commercial radio codes exist to prevent this kind of abuse but they are simply guidelines that can be interpreted differently as demonstrate the various code breaches. The hosts of talkbacks radios are journalists who sometimes turn into entertainers when they start to care more about the audience rate than the quality of material presented on air. As a journalist, the host must be familiar with the topic being discussed so that he quickly grasps the new information provided during the debates and responds rapidly by asking pertinent questions. This is the skill of a good journalist who also needs to be unbiased and allow the public to decide by itself what to believe after having exposed each side of a story. However, the controversial nature of the topics being discussed often causes the journalist and the public to already have a strong opinion about the matter. The guest is of course allowed to defend his views but listeners will usually stick to what they already believe in particularly if the presenter
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