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The movie Radio was released in 2003 and was based on a true story. The movie is coming from many different critical perspectives. The ones I am going to touch base on are so that way they can better explain my perspective on the movie, and the basis of the movie. The critical perspectives I would like to touch base on our historical, cultural, and The first critical perspective I wanted to touch base on was historical perspective. The movie Radio like I said before was based on a true story. In real life they first lured Radio (James Robert Kennedy) with something to drink. From there the actual coach had become interested in Radio keeping him on the field and teaching him little things. After a while Radio had been enrolled into the school and learned how to read. Historically speaking the same thing happened with James in the 1950’s. The movie was not made not only based on James but on every person in this world with a disability due to the reason of people with disabilities are insulted for being different as you can see throughout the movie. In a scene of the movie the football players tie up Radio and put him in a locker just for having a disability and being different. Another critical perspective I would like to point out that I saw in the movie is cultural. The cultural aspect in the movie is very obvious considering that he is African American and the coach and the team is all Caucasian. It shows that the team thinks of him lesser than them because of his skin. How he acts also affects their points of view on him because the way he was raised by his parent. The cultural aspects of it make it a little unique in the movies making and perspective for people. The last major perspective I noted in the movie was the diversity. What I mean by diversity is in age. When the movie takes place Radio is no longer in his teen years he is hitting 40 years of age.

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