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Radio listening habbits Most people tend to listen to radio either daily, or never at all. They also choose to listen it for only 1-4 hours per day, that’s why it is important to attract people’s attention from the first moment they turn in the radio station. Most people listen to radio while they’re at home on workdays and that number is even bigger on weekends when people don’t listen to radio at work simply because they don’t go to it. That’s why we should concentrate on more uplifting and energetic programme when they go to work (6-9 AM) or relaxing and easy listening radio programme that people would like to listen when they get back from it (17-20) on workdays. But on weekends we should concentrate on 7 – 15 o’clock when most people are home and tend to listen to radio while doing domestic jobs or eating. Questions How often do you listen to radio? Where do you tend to listen to radio? What kind of radio programmes you like the most? Do you like to be involved in different activities (competitions, surveys, etc.) while listening to radio? What kind of news would you like to hear on radio? Radio station newscasts can range from as little as a minute to as much as the station's entire schedule, such as the case of all-news radio, or talk radio. Stations dedicated to news or talk will often feature newscasts, or bulletins, usually at the top of the hour, usually between 3 and 8 minutes in length. They can be a mix of local, national and international news, as well as sport, entertainment, weather and traffic, or they may be incorporated into separate bulletins. There may also be shorter bulletins at the bottom of the hour, or three at fifteen minute intervals, or two at twenty minute intervals. All-news radio stations exist in some countries, primarily located in major metropolitan areas such as New York City,

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