Racism Will It Ever End Essay

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Abstract I have watched the movie American History X. It is a movie that I have seen before but never from the prospective I was able to watch if from this time. Previously it was just a good movie that was graphic in a jaw dropping way. Now I was able to view it and see the intentions of the filmmaker and really examine the messages that were being displayed though out this film. If art really does imitate life or if life imitates what we see in entertainment, the comparison couldn’t be more spot on as I sit here and write a paper examining sociological perspectives and cultural theories as Danny Vinyard did in the film American History X. Racism and Hate will it ever end The story presented in American History X is through is a non-sequential account from the perspective of the Character Danny Vinyard, the younger brother the Derek Vinyard who plays as the lead Character in the movie. Throughout the movie we are given flashbacks of the events that had lead these characters to where they are now. The flashbacks are portrayed in black and white film to help associate the difference between current events taking place which are in color. I believe the filmmaker’s intentions where to show the full life cycle of hate and racism. How Racism can start, end, start again and the path of destruction it lays along the way. As discussed in our text “Racism is more about signification than it is about biology.” (Storey, 2009, p. 167) The movie begins with Danny Vinyard waiting to speak with his principal over a paper he wrote on Mein Kampf; a book he choose after his history teacher said the class could pick any book to write a paper on. Danny an impressionable young boy attempting to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Derek a white supremacist just released for Chino correctional facility after being incarcerated for aggravated manslaughter, of course chose

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