Racism Related Paper

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Nicholas Stager Academic essay ETHS 111 Race In America Dr. Villanueva Racism is one of the most commonly occurring issues in America to this day and has been for the past couple of centuries. We as individuals experience it every day of our lives and in separate ways. Some people might not notice it all the time, but there are many who do notice that it is present and unfair to citizens of color. It is also human nature to have prejudices, which is not to be confused with racism. Everybody has personal prejudices based on race and it is inevitable. To deny them would only result in you lying to yourself. Racism, discrimination, white privilege, and prejudices are very real and exist around us. The following paper will conclude the differences between Race, Racism, discrimination, white privilege, and prejudices and will give thorough explanations of what each word means in America’s society today. A solid start to understanding the differences is to understand what race is and the role it plays. What comes to mind when you think about race? Ethnic background? Skin color? Race is a way to classify the biological, cultural, and social differences between the different people in the world. Ethnic background falls into play in the United States when you define what kind of citizen. African American, White, American Indian, Asian American etc. all being examples of ethnic background that is categorized into Race. Stereotypes are also fitted to each racial group and they are taught to kids at a young age. Most of what children know about race is what they learn from children’s TV shows and movies. Stereotypes are fit into these minds at such a young age that they don’t even understand what they are actually learning when they watch these movies and shows that condone stereotypical characters defining their race. Stereotypes are inevitable and will
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