Racism Lives Today

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Racism Lives Today The purpose of Norman Rockwell’s painting “The Problem we all Live with” is to show that racism and discrimination that occurs around the world is all around us. For example, the black girl is walking to school with the protection of four U.S Marshalls. Even though they aren’t worried what is happening, they are just doing their job. They see that the girl needs help, but they are ignoring them by the first two guards walking faster than the girl, and the two guards in the back are walking slower. The meaning of this painting is to show that white people don’t have respect for black people. Another thing that you see in the painting is that tomatoes are being thrown at the little black girl as she is walking to school. The author expresses himself by showing that white people assume that they are still a dominant race, which allows them to do whatever they want to. A good example that the artist shows is that the tomatoes are being thrown at the girl as she is making her way to school; even though black people now have the right to get an education, white people still harass them by throwing anything they can that they see, they write racial slurs that are on the brick wall, and just discriminate black people. The last piece of evidence from the painting I would like to point out is that the girl has pride and self importance. She shows it by ignoring what the public does or says to her, she does what she wishes to do, and that is to get educated. She puts her chin up, straight formation, showing that she is strong and ready to take on anything that comes through her path. Overall, the painting shows that the white people are still a dominant race and are being racist to African American people by tormenting them with racial slurs and
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