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Racism Is Not a Thing of the Past Essay

  • Submitted by: jamie1084
  • on October 31, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Racism Is Not a Thing of the Past" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

​Throughout history we have seen that racism is a problem in the United States. From people being segregated to being discriminated because of their race, racism has affected many people. Because racism was a much bigger problem in the past, people tend to think that it doesn’t exist anymore. I think that racism is still a problem in the United States because it negatively impacts schools, neighborhoods, and society.

​There is usually bullying in schools, but something that not everyone knows is that there is also racism going on in schools everyday. There are students and teachers that are racist and that should not be acceptable. A very popular racist phrase is “go back where you came from” that phrase is disrespectful in so many ways. America is supposed to be the land of opportunities not the land to be bullied because of your race. Kids go to school to learn and be successful, but how can they achieve anything when they are constantly being bashed on. I myself have witnessed people being made fun of because of their accents. Another bad thing is when teachers favor students from a certain background more than others. The effects that racism can have on the students are very serious issues. Students may be afraid of going to school, which would be bad because then they wouldn’t go to school and kids need to be in school. Students and teachers need to accept each other no matter what kind of race they are.

​Other places that are negatively impacted by racism are neighborhoods. I lived in the city of Scottsdale for three years and now I live in the city if Glendale. Both cities are very different from each other. In Scottsdale I would sometimes get ugly looks because I’m Mexican and I was in a community where most people are white. In the west side of Arizona there are quite a few gangs. If you are in a place where you don’t belong then you will most likely suffer consequences. Racism is everywhere in our communities nowadays. All of this hatred and judging...

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