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Racism In The Workplace Essay

  • Submitted by: tharush2582
  • on April 1, 2012
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Racism in the Workplace

Racism in the Workplace
The purpose of this essay is to make people in America and African Americans in general aware that the problem of racism in the workplace must be solved immediately. My main target audience would be catered to African Americans because they are the ones dealing with this situation and also I would like to target the administrators because they will have to fix the situation. The problem is that despite laws being put in place for racial discrimination inside the workplace, African Americans still have serious problems from individuals and their policies. This is a trend that has decreased but has also increased over time. What I mean by that is! Racism has decreased to the point where it is not done as much in the open, bluntly. It has evolved and increased in a more indirect manner, but is no way gone away. Racism in the workplace can be considered a trend because it has happened for years and if we don’t work at stopping it now it will only get worse. This country’s history of discrimination against African Americans suggests that justice demands effective policies to protect them from human rights. The solutions are to make sure that all employees are given clear examples of incidences of discrimination and that all consequences of these actions are shared with everyone within the company, another solution would be to create minority worker councils or caucus groups to discuss workplace experiences and suggest solutions. The last solution which I think is the best solution is to analyze the diversity in your employment ranks and customer base.
There is some important information that African Americans as well as administrators must be aware of in order to understand the urgency of this issue. It is said that a problem African Americans still seem to encounter are employment process biases, lack of access and mentors, and promotion as well as advancement difficulties. (WHARTON, 2010) This country’s history of...

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