Racism in America Essay

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Reaction Paper Based on the readings done in class so far one thing is for certain, I absolutely love Allan G. Johnson. He realizes that wrong is wrong despite gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, social class or any other factors. His views on society and discrimination are from angles I would have never thought of so his readings open my eyes to a new light. For example in chapter four when he stated, “Although privilege is attached to social categories and not to individuals, people are the ones who make it happen through what they do and don’t do in relation to others.” This statement made me pause my readings and think for a second. I realized he’s completely right. Another thing he was dead-on with was when he said a social death is among the most painful punishment. If you truly think about it this is true to the core. Failure to be accepted by other people in any social group could result in major depression and depression can lead to suicide. Some people are really dependent on how others perceive them and if somebody highly ranked in the social group takes that dependent person as a threat they have the ability to make that person feel unaccepted or like an outsider. It’s not surprising to me that black people are the most residentially segregated group in the United States. However what is surprisingly crazy to me is learning what real estate agents and banking officers do to contribute to that fact. Where you live makes a huge difference in the jobs you have access to. So if a real estate agent steers a black person away from a well-organized white neighborhood to a crummy projects, that person is less likely to get a prestige well acknowledgeable job but more likely to get a job at McDonald’s and due to limited space of employment many can remain unemployed which in a way can make the government partially responsible for the fact that 36% of

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