Racism as an example of discrimination

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Modern world and people are suffering because of many problems. On part of them, as natural disasters, we do not have great influence, however, many from among elements making our life difficult had been made by ourselves. It is impossible to define what is an unquestionably main problem of human lives, however, it possible to observe one which take place in whole human history- discrimination and its form- racism. The concept of discrimination has been given several meanings and definitions. In general legal definitions of discrimination differ from definitions used in other disciplines and from meanings attributed to it in everyday life. What is very important there is no, only one legal definition of discrimination: the international documents defined concept in several different ways. If this diversity is kept in mind, one might provide a working definition of discrimination, and in a general way characterize the essence of discrimination in the fallowing way: “Discrimination refers to any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference which is based on any ground such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, birth r other status, and which has a purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise by all people on an equal footing, of all rights and freedoms.” (UN Human Rights Committee) According to Sage Dictionary of Criminology discrimination consists of unfavourable treatment based on a person’s gender , ethnicity, race, religion, culture, class, language, age, sexual preferences, physical disability or any other improper ground. It limits the social, political, economical opportunities of the individual or group discriminated against. “If prejudice describes attitudes and opinions, discrimination refers to actual behaviour towards
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