Racism and Sexism in Sports: Then and Now Essay

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Abstract Breanna What is a starvation diet? A starvation diet is when you drastically cut back on calories. Starvation diets require the body fast and are supposed to make you lose weight really fast. Diets consisting of 800 to 1200 calories are called low calorie diets or starvation diets, whereas meal replacements are limited to 200 to 400 calories. Starvation diets have a very big range on how people use starvation diets and also why they are using starvation diets or low calorie diets. I did my research by using primary and secondary resources. I found three different starvation diets that I examined in order to see how starvation diets work and how people use them. Through my research I found that starvation diets are not as effective as people think they are. People go on these starvation diets thinking that they are going to lose a lot of weight, but what ends up happening is that their body goes into starvation mode and their body stores the fat because the body does not know when the next time it is going to get food. Some studies have found that individuals have regained 7 to 122% of their initial weight loss. Starvation diets do not meet the needs of the general population. There is a reason why we eat which is for energy, survival, health, and growth and if your on a starvation diet it does not meet these needs. In terms of eating patterns adolescents have a increase of need of energy. Adolescent girls are known for poor eating habits and they are more likely known to try these diets. 270

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