Racism And Poverty

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NUR AMIRATULLYANA GAZALI 11.7 This essay will explain and assess the claim that: “Racism is the reason why many ethnic minority groups are trapped in poverty.” Racism can exist in many ways such as in employment and education. Apart from racism, the culture exists among the poor itself remains them in poverty. The minority status is conditioned not only by a clearly numerical relation but also by questions of political power. In some places, subordinate ethnic groups may constitute a numerical majority. In addition to the "traditional" (long time resident) minorities they may be migrant, indigenous or landless nomadic communities. Marxists came out with a theory on racial segregation of employments and jobs. According to Peter Bohmer, racism directed against African-Americans and other people of colour has been a central and continuing feature of U.S. society. The value of the theory examined in this issue is that racism is analyzed historically and as a central aspect of the economic system. Marxists claimed that racism serves the interests of the capitalist or employer class by dividing workers according to their colours and ethnicity, reducing their potential unity and thus their bargaining power. More worker bargaining power means higher wages and lower profits, and less bargaining power means lower wages and higher profits. It also explains why black workers will not replace white workers, even if the latter can be paid lower wages. Although law has been enacted to prevent structural racism, but personal prejudice still goes on. Whites with a criminal record are more than 3 times more likely to get a call back than blacks with a criminal record. This study shows that black men without a criminal record are less likely to be called back for a job interview than white men with a criminal record, as released by The Mark of A Criminal Record, American journal of
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