Racism And Discrimination In College Sports

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In April, 1947 Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. However, many people do not know that Jackie Robinson was not the first player to break the color barrier inall sports. In the year 1879, William Edward White played baseball while attending Brown University. White was the first African American to break the color barrier in sports (Lapchick, 2008). After him many other began to partake in college sports as well. College athletics broke the color barrier well before that of professional sports, and these events have changed sports and made them as we know them today. Throughout the last several decades, athletics have evolved into a multi-racial competition. Sporting events today can be described as an equal environment to people of all races. However, discrimination and racial issues are still affecting sports and the advancement to a perfect and non-racist sporting environment.…show more content…
Although many races are involved in sports: Is there one race that dominates any sport? Are players all treated fairly and equally? Are referees unknowingly judging the game unfairly? Are all players given the same opportunity? Are all coaches given the same opportunity? In general, does racism and discrimination still exist in sports? Although racial issues have become far less prevalent in professional and college athletics due to societal change and views throughout the last several decades, racism and discrimination are still present in

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