Racism And Discrimination Essay

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When confronting racism and discrimination especially when it comes to children starting early when they are learning right from wrong is the key thing to do. Instilling in them that culture varies from person to person and that, it is an okay thing and is how it should be done by doing this it will allow them to understand that as they grow to be knowledgeable about what racism is. According to Nieto and Bode page 76, “Silence and denial about racism are also prevalent when student teachers become teachers”. What Nieto and Bode meant by this is that even before you become an actual teacher placing or instilling the thought to speak out against racism is okay, this allows the student to be aware of the wrong of what racism is. Continuing through the grades states it for itself. Making sure that the students are learning and reinforcing what is taught at school at home. Also that racism and discrimination can be fought in a civil manner by doing different heritage months and celebrating different holidays that are accustomed with that culture. Directly Confronting racism and discrimination is not avoiding it, confront it civilly and in order as it is being put out. Making the differences of others known but also making it known that being different is special and makes that person unique. By having the students go through this allows them to develop a better understanding about biasness and how not to be a bias
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