racism and discrimination Essay

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RACISIM & DISCRIMINATION Racism has always existed, but theres some people who came to change that. from the 1990-1990 discrimination was mostly always to colored people. the right people were white. the colored eye was even better. they saw the rest as a minority and made them inferior. the "inferior" had to live in really bad conditions. in the US it wasnt has badly as in Germany. in germany they actually killed million of people(Jews). In the US african americans were called slaves. thats what they were used for. african americans as they call them blacks, negros where actually being traded by their owners. they were threated like animals, and merchant. they all had their own business, schools, seating spaces, diffrent and away from the white classes. this all changed when Martin Luther King came to the african americans life. they started protesting! after that a huge turn occured, when Malcolm X started to make his speaches. the total diffrent thing from Martin Luther King. Malcolm said that it was ok to use violence. the african americans began to raise in power, and gaining for law rights. The US minorities were the mexicans, natives, and woman. Mexicans and navives were being used for farms, field working. with a small pay and so many injustice, they also began to raise with Cesar Chavez. In the other hand woman were slaves to their husbands. they were taught to stay home and be a good mother. they didn't have liberty. once their husbands got sent to war, the woman started taking their jobs, mostly in the factories. when their husbands came back, they were sent back to the kitchen. woman really didnt like thise, and this is when the flappers were born. On the contrary, in Germany the Jews were being killed. The rise of Hitler, brought the Nazi Party and all the killings. This was an act of discrimination towards their religion and aperrance. jews were
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