Racism Essay

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The visualization of danger is greatly impacted by the many stereotypes society has shaped. The formation of these stereotypes can affect the actions of both the perpetrator and the victim as perceived in the essay. In the Brent Staples essay "Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Ability to Alter Public Space" Staples was always suspected to be something he was not because of his appearance by the people around him. And although he familiarized with the reactions of many he was never comfortable with it. Staples was a six-foot two inch black male who had a beard and billowing hair, and when seen specifically by white females, the reactions are always the same. Staples enjoys taking late night strolls. And one time when encountering a white woman walking in front of him, she crossed the street to avoid him. Because of societies weak view of what appears dangerous and what doesn't. It causes the female to change her route and cross the street in order to stay out of harms way. Staples who was also affected decided to change his habits, he started singing melodies because he didn't want to give up his late night strolls but at the same time didn't want to seem threatening. He thought the melodies where a sign that would show people that he is not harmful in anyway. Staples one day rushed into an office building while carrying a deadline paper in his hand. He ended up being accused a burglar rather than an editor and got security called on him. He states in the essay "I could only move briskly towards the company of someone who knew me" meaning the only way he was let go was for him to move towards a person that recognized him. Because of the

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