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Title: Racism Introduction There has always been some kind of prejudice among people who live in a certain geographical area. Whether in the way of living, the way they look, their wealth or the resources available. The way one was brought up or his/her way of life will define how that person will relate to the people around him. An example is whereby a girl was brought up in a strict religious family. Her church had a congregation of African Americans only, and any other race was not allowed to worship with them. As a result, she grew up with no knowledge of any other culture but this. After getting employed, she was openly racist with no regard to the people she was meant to work with. She did not attend to clients from different races and never associated with her colleagues. Her culture propagated her racist ideologies. Hence, it is obvious that culture often goes hand in hand with racism. Racism is the clear discrimination against people who do not have the same skin colour as you. The lifestyles of the people around us should be celebrated and embraced. Therefore, culture should not be used as a way of propagating racism or any other kind of prejudice. It is evident that the racial prejudice is a mindset, which is subject to change. Racism should be criminalized because it denies the community from the full potential of a person and the loss of opportunities that could empower the whole society. (Dovidio & Gaertner, 2004). There is a stereotype that there is a wealthy race in the society. It is considered that this race is arrogant and did not necessarily gain their wealth rather they inherited it. Having wealth does not necessarily mean that you are bound to prejudice just because your ancestors were racists. Being privileged in the society brings a kind of responsibility to the people around you. The privileged have the responsibility to ensure that

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