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(Introduction) I’d firstly like to start by speaking a little about racism and the issues surrounding it. What do you think about Racist do you think being racist is? Ok so we all more or less agree that racism shouldn’t be allowed. But subsequently in society today there are many views and aspects on Racism and the definitions behind it. The oxford dictionary defines it as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”. But is that what racism is hate , Hate but hating the individual just because of one reason, Purpose being that of their skin colour or where they come from?, Hate is a strong word it gets unnerved by many people in society. Racism has a much deeper role in society whether it is the past or the present it has been the focal point of wars its formed nations and caused many arguments between people. Did you think that racism was that overriding? How would you like to be judged based upon the colour of your skin or the language you speak? Well this happens to people all over the world as I have mentioned before racism is a huge issue in today’s society. Some people turn a blind eye to racism but why? If that was happening to them would they be turning and not wanting help? Put yourself in their position what would you do if someone called you names basically discriminated you? ) you’d get angry want to hit them you’d be frustrated you’d think there was something wrong with you? You’d want to change. People think its cool or fun to mock a person because of their colour, their accent, culture and sometimes even how they are not good in something, this is all racism. But then what about Hadrat Bilal to be punished for being a certain colour, he was one of the Prophets most famous companion, but before

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