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HSP3M Analysis Of A Social Issue Summative Intro Racism is shot for the term “Racial Separatism”. Racism is the belief that a particular race or “type” of human is better or worse then another. There are two sides of racism, the two sides are: the people being racist to other cultures or other people of different skin color, the other side is the people who are receiving the racist acts. Racism is a form of hatred shown from one person to another. Racism has affected the world in many ways; racism has caused wars, slavery, formations of nations, and legal codes. There are several groups of racism around the world in our time and in the past, some include; the KKK and the Nazis. History of Issue The history of Racism is a dirty one, there have been many incident in the past that have had a large impact on the present. Two of the largest events that have hade an impact on life are; The Nazis exterminating six million Jews, also the slavery of the black in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The Nazis were taught to hate the Jewish race, they were told fact about the Jew’s that were not true. The reason for the Nazis being taught this was so that the soldiers felt no mercy killing them. Though the main mission of the Nazis was not to kill the Jewish people, there were made to by there leader Adolf Hitler, who was racist against Jews. The second event, the enslaving of blacks was a racial act that forced the blacks to be slaves to the Whites, because the whites believed that the blacks were less then human. Slave traders and owners believed it was ok to own a black slave because of the passage in the book of Genesis. The passage was interpreted as “ham, they maintained committed a sin against his father Noah that condemned his supposedly black descendants to be “servants unto servants”. There are also events in the present that have a racist theme.

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